Shot and edited by Gene Felic, and Lisa Banks


FEAST: Costume/link to BLOG

Feast is the fourth film in the film Series SEEKAGO written and directed by eve Warnock.  Feast was shot May 11th and was an incredible production that involved over 25 artists.  From costume designers to peformers, to special effects artists, to video artists.  The team was amazing and I am honored to work with such talented indivuals.

Link to the Feast Project website

img_5909Vulture played by Jeffrey Bauer: costume design by Aidan Seine, Tina Matthews, eve Warnockimg_5945Ravens played by Sara Rose, Vanessa Vasquez, Brandon Hayword, Sara Hornsby: Costume by Marina Fini and eve Warnock img_6044

Owl: Played by Athena Angle: Costume by Melanya Hamasyanimg_6058Magpies played by Morgan True, Shelby Backman, Melanya Hamasyan, Luke Wilson, and Catalina Giraldo: Costume by Kathrin Burtscher, Claire Frey, and eve Warnockimg_6071

Vultures played by Dorothy Souza, Sam Trillo, and Jeffry Bauer: Costume by Aidan Seine, Tina Matthews, and eve Warnock

All photos by Allie Devlin

Radio Interview with Nada Miljkovic. 88.1 KZSC

ARTIST ON ART  88.1 KZSC      Interview with NADA Miljkovic


Multi-media interdisciplinary, digital and performance artist,  Eve Warnock came onto Artist on Art to talk about her art of directing, designing, performing and storytelling. Her media of choice include experimental films and installation projects. We spoke particularly Eve’s newest and graduating project, Seekago go, a five part video series.

Eve will be graduating from the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program. She is the frist interview in the series of Graduating DANMites 2013.

For her DANM Group Project work,  Eve served as an art designer and an art director on the very successful installation performance of “Peer Gynt,” written by Henrik Ibsen and directed by Kimberly Jannarone at UCSC. The performance is a culmination of a yearlong project and will offer various showings in the beginning of March. (Visit to learn more.)

This summer quarter, Eve will teach a course this summer at UC Santa Cruz titled “Procession.” Hosted by the Museum of Art & History, the final project will consist of “processing through downtown Santa Cruz and ending with an open critique and question and answer.”

You will be able to see Eve’s video installation, Seekago go,  April 27-28 + May 2-5, 2013 as a part of the 2013 Digital Arts and New Media MFA exhibition, Ground(cntrl)  at the Digital Arts Research Center, UCSC.
To hear Eve and Nada’s interview, click the gray ‘play’ button below.