SEEKAGO (Projection/Performance installation 2013)

Presented throughout the ZERO1 Garage, SEEKAGO was series of five experimental films, directed by Eve, that were created to incite specific emotions in the viewer. The story is about a man and woman, and their relationship from death to life. The films, titled Breathing, Asphalt, The Chicken and The Coyote, FEAST, and Flight, tell an aspect of human, animal and environmental ecology.

Zero 1 GARAGE San Jose, Sub Zero Festival Performing Maquettes from the Film Series SEEKAGO directed be eve Warnock


Light Lab projection installation Digital Arts and New Media Research Center UCSC



March 2013 (University of California Theater Arts Department)

TRUST PEER 1-2emperor-inc-hp

The Peer Gynt Project is a multi-space, multi-media performance directed by Kimberly Jannarone. I was a conceptual designers for the Peer Gynt project, the Art Director of the Digital Arts and New Media Research Center, and director of the Fracking Lab.  Peer Gynt is a Norwegian Epic Play written by Henrik Ibsen that tells the travels of Peer Gynt. We adapted Peer Gynt to the modern Western Capitalistic American society.  Over 100 artists, scholars, and performers collaborated on the Peer Gynt project. I worked on the Research team that traveled to Norway to follow the trolls.  Here we visited multiple locations where the folk lore, Peer Gynt lived, as well as listened to stories of Peer by both Peer Gynt experts as well as the locals.  On these travels, I collected color palates, shapes, patterns, and images.


At the University of California Santa Cruz I lead a class of conceptual designers, that developed the basic look for the production of Peer Gynt.  We worked on concept, creating the characters of Peer Gynt, the costumes, and the sets.  We created spaces and designed how the audience would interact within those spaces.  We developed an aesthetic manual that was referred to by all of the different departments that collaborated on the piece.

I then worked as the Art Director for the Digital Arts and Research Center portion of the Peer Gynt Project which had the audience roving from one space/performance to another.  This type of Environmental Theater is tricky to organize as one must take in consideration how to predict and control the flow of the audience.  As the Art Director I helped the conceptual designers finalize their designs, write proposals for funding, and worked through all safety issues that were a concern with the University of California Safety Department. We came up with some exceptional ideas such as the Buttonman room which held the story of Peer’s life in drawers, on the wall, in jars, and through video in old TV sets.  The whole room was outfitted with sensors that triggered sound elements when the audience interacted with the piece.  We developed an interview scene based off of the Natural Born Killer interview scene where Peer Gynt admits that he is involved in the sex traffickng industry as well as the Fracking industry.  We also had a room where the character Anitra pole danced for you. In another room we had an Insane Asylum, a ship wreck.  In the Hallways we had the Frack lab, the Media Mask and the Buttonmen.

Finally I wrote and directed the Frack lab a performance which reveals the science behind Peer Gynt’s Capitalistic success.   Peer Gynt’s enterprise, Emperor Inc. is the leading cooperation in  extracting natural Gas which pollutes billions of gallons of water. Peer is a true capitalist and realizes that the money and power really lies in owning the water, he invests in science to find the most efficient way to purify water.  For this performance Peer Gynt’s Lab assistant Nora, a product from the sex trade industry, concocts Frack fluid.  She then conducts tests to try and purify this fluid by water purification processes. These experiments are all done in front of the audience as she offers them samples of the purified Emperor Inc water, which she is selling for two dollars a bottle.


Fracking is extracting Natural Gas from the earth by drilling thousands of feet into the earth,  shooting  a highly pressurized concoction of water and chemicals to fracture the shale and then capturing the methane and carbon that exude from the shale fractures by controlling the pressure.

For this research I traveled Ohio both on the ground and by plane investigating different Fracking sites at their different Fracking Stages.  I spoke with the DNR about Fracking regulation, with local families about their experience with Fracking,  researched mineral right and water right contracts. I also worked with Environmental engineers, chemists, and vistied different Water treatment facilities to understand how one would treat Frack Fluid, and the back flow from drilling process of Fracking.  I am still researching as Fracking is a booming industry that is impacting the environment, the economy, and the individual.



February 2013 

Speakers is a roving performance piece that uses imbedded sound systems and contact microphones to amplify and distort the Robot’s voices.  They are the last inventions to survive from the Inventor who believed he was god.  Their function is to observe, listen, and repeat the stories of the Inventor’s life as well as what they witness on their travels.  They are still roving to this day traveling through cities and landscapes observing and documenting the changes.






October 2012

Denizen is a performance, sound, and video projection based work that draws inspiration from local native mythology.  It is a two-part piece that explores life and the therefore imminent approach of death; using the Coyote as a central character.  The coyote is a native to the California area and has prospered through all the human developments. Even though its natural habitat is being reduced, its population has grown by assimilating to the human culture and living off human bi-products. In the time of the Ohlone people, native to the bay area, the coyote was a main figure of their mythology; portrayed as a character of wit and cunning and contributing to the creation of humankind. The coyote is an instigator, and an animal that has the ability to adapt, while remaining wild and uncontrolled.

Denizen was directed be Tina Matthews, eve Warnock and Colin McDonald and performed in the Zero 1 Biennial 2012. It was also highlighted in an NEA

Through song and movement, an expression of origin and ancestry will be explored – illustrating successes, failures, and tactics of survival.  Silicon Valley, on the leading edge of technology, modernity, and progress, gives context to Denizen, a piece questioning:  Do we adapt our materials and knowledge to re-unite with our animal ancestry, or do we continue our current path, separating ourselves further and therefore creating an alien nation?


June 2012

BAGGED: an entity of individuals. A performance piece exploring identity and social structures.  Through movement and sound the story unveils as the entity breaks down into ego and microcosms.



Performers: Dorothy Souza, Nicole Chu, Loc Le, Gabriel Espinasa

Queen Mae and the Bells

Queen Mae and the Bells is a performance troupe based out of Columbus, OhIo. Their mission is to build a platform to explore infinite realms. QMB has a hands- on style designing the costumes and instruments, composing the music, writing the lyrics, choreographing the movements, building the sets, and producing the digital media. QMB describes themselves as modern day opera bringing storytelling to dark ambient electronic soundscapes ,or to accoustic tribal percussion, or to experimental noise. Their lyrics speak of standing in your bones, building a good frame, and respecting your self, the earth , and fellow human beings. Qmb is Gendala Kelii Anna, Tina Matthews, and eve Warnock


4QMBNosecantibiaTrojanLandmasstable mannerssdop_show-34lrehappening_leidel_10tumblr_ln717drhow1qc4bjxo1_500IMG_8405_queenmae_500px


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