Class #    PRTR 23B/01:  Personal Narratives in Theater and Film

Fall/ 2012   2 units    Eve Warnock          Wednesdays     2:00-3:45 pm    Porter C-118

Shapeshifting is defined as the ability to change one’s ego or shape to that of another through voluntary or involuntary means.  Though Shapeshifting has historically been associated with spiritual rituals, magic, or potions, this class is designed to teach techniques on how to embody by ways of research, observation, movement, sound, and costume.  Through the techniques learned in class, practice, and documentation, each student will design an original performance revolving around the character that they have designed. Documentation will be heavily emphasized to help build portfolios,,,,,,,– ,,,,,,

Summer Session 2013                     040 Animated Sculptures

Procession- The act of moving forward: progression, a group of persons, vehicles, or objects moving along in an orderly, formal manner.

This class is designed to teach students techniques on how to animate sculptures, by way of Wearables/body art, mobility, puppetry, sound, and light. The class is intended to not only teach building techniques but also how to incorporate individual creativity to a collaborative setting in that the students will work together to create a common theme for the “procession”. The student can work individually or in groups.  Throughout the class there will be a huge emphasis on documentation and creating an online portfolio. The class is also designed to teach the students the protocol of creating art in public spaces. The final project will be a procession in a public space in coordination with the Museum of Art History.

DANM 199 Independent Study  

Winter/ 2013    Spring/2013   3/5 units  Mondays 1:00-4:00pm  DANM 264

Feast and Flight is the fourth and fifth film of the experimental film series title SEEKAGO directed by eve Warnock.  Feast and Flight explore social eating behaviors through mimicking the movement of scavenger birds. The films incorporate, movement, sound, costume, puppetry, projection, electronics, and animation. Any artist that participates will improve artist portfolios, experience new mediums by collaborating with other artists,  gain first hand experience in creating a professional video production, and earn DANM credit.


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