For 40 years they were kept in a large warehouse still, silent…observing. They were built to tell the stories of Victory and Failure. He believed in his divinity and acted accordingly, creating and destroying. His actions were not determined by emotion but by function.

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Production Production

Wireless World 3

Melanya working with wire to build Scavenger infrastructure.Claws and Space

Dreama and eve looking at material studies.  Dyeing and boiling Raw Hide. A little peek into main office.

Feather Design

Daniella creating graphics of feathers for the laser cutter.  Texture and material studies.Dreama and Claws

Dreama showing off proto-type of claws.Feather and Laser

Aidan and Marina transferring Feather Graphic to the laser cutter.

Claire and Felt 2

Claire working with lamenting wool.  Material Studies.