FLIGHT  is final film in the series of experimental films and is the journey of the soul from the physical world to Nirvana.  The scene opens to a three sided  pyramid which houses 15 birds that have just feasted on the carrion of an animal.  They are content and are singing in celebration of their survival.   The birds open their wings getting ready for flight as projected images of cellular forms and decomposition fill their wings.  The 3 sided Pyramid also fills with projection of worldly landscapes.In the apex of a powerful harmonic chord, hair projects from the chests and shoulders of the birds freeing them from the weight of the physical world.  The hair then gets pulled to the sky taking the birds to the next world.  The projection on the pyramid changes to images this journey. Sikha

A Vulture with a full wing span.  Open Arms,  ready for flight: Photo found online.

The aesthetic of long hair. Unshorn: Photo found online

Painting that starts to describe the aesthetic, and color palate. 


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