FEAST/ costume

FEAST/ costume

The costume design for FEAST is highly involved as we will be developing 15 Bird costumes displaying five different families of scavenger birds.  The costumes can be worn or taken off the performer and played as a puppet.  The focus is on the headwear, the neck, and the wings.  The first head piece prototype was constructed in 2011 for the performance  Chicken. The first photo is a picture from this performance.  For this prototype I used a stretched wire frame and casted resin eyes that were implanted with LEDs.    

Over the summer we developed a bird mask out of raw hide for a puppet that we used In the performance Denizen. The second and third pictures shows the effectiveness of the raw hide as a material as well as the utilizing of black plastic to inform the neck and body.

The goal is to incorporate the two prototype designs for the head pieces of the Bird costumes that will be used in FEAST with influences from the Artist Rebecca Horn, “The Raben” and “White Body Fan”. Which are the fourth and fifth Photos.

 Chicken– A performance using fiber optics, led’s, projection mapping, and electric sound.

Bird Masks made from raw hide.  Design by Tina Matthews and Brook Jennings

Bird Puppets made from raw hide, and black plastic bags used in the Performance Denizen at the  Zero 1 Biennial 2012

Rebecca Horn’s “White Body Fan”

 Rebecca Horn’s “Raben”


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